Transport Insurance

Freight forwarders liability insurance

Individual protection - and far more than simply standard

Our traffic liability insurance policies are tailored and comprehensible. They offer extensive coverage beyond standard insurance protection. You can individualise the insurance benefit if required. Moreover, some additional modules are included.

One of our additional services for freight forwarders liability insurance: the examination and assessment of cargo, freight forwarding, warehousing and logistics contracts. Your benefit: In your best interest, we make recommendations on any necessary redrafting of insurance clauses for clarifications, limitations and/or the creation of actuarial “leeway”.

In terms of the conception of insurances, Lampe & Schwartze Assekuranzvermittlung are vastly experienced in the compliance of specific liability situations regarding German and international contractual standards. We are not only familiar with logisticians’ workflows, but also with those of customers. From this vantage point, we are able to accurately identify liability constellations and translate them into suitable insurance coverages.

The terms and conditions (for example, ADSp) and the legal framework allow for a limitation of liability of the freight carrier, freight forwarder, warehouse keeper and logistics service provider. Where it is possible to exempt oneself from liability as a freight carrier, freight forwarder, warehouse keeper and logistics service provider, the client will not be liable for damages. What applies here is a cargo insurance, which pays for damages regardless of liability. With an all-risk coverage, the cargo insurance pays for damages up to the value of the goods, taking into account any additional adverse risks.


Cargo insurance

Compensating damages - securing existences

Cargo insurances pay for damages regardless of liability. This is relevant if one of the participating carriers is not liable for damages sustained to the forwarder - for example, as caused by force majeure. Such a situation can jeopardise the existence of the forwarder if he has not insured the goods.

In this case, the cargo insurance is one way of securing one’s existence. Because there is an all-risk insurance covering the value of the goods, which can be adapted to the risk and supplemented accordingly, for example with a clause for consequential cargo or financial damages.

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